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DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

Hey Everyone! I’m so glad to be back to share a fun project I worked on last week. Glass Glitter iPhone cases!

DIY Glass Glitter Iphone Case DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

I love Glitter! Yes, it’s true. Things that sparkle and shine catch my eye and have drawn me in since I was a little girl. If it sits long enough, eventually I will put a little glitter on it. But these days I get to use grown up glitter. German Glass glitter is my favorite glitter. It can dress up any number of projects including these Glass Glitter Banners I made. It’s real glass coated in silver. The silver makes it tarnish and get a beautiful patina with time. I thought my iPhone was looking a little dull so I decided to glitter a case for it.

Here’s What You’ll Need

Clear iPhone Case: You can order these here

100 grit German Glass Glitter in Silver from Meyer Imports

Modge Podge

Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer

Sponge brush

Supplies Needed to Apply German Glass Glitter to a Phone Case DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

Here’s How to Do It

First, coat the outside of your phone case with a thin layer of Modge Podge.

phone in box DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

Using a box or container to catch the extra glitter, sprinkle glitter over the Modge Podge and shake off any excess.

Glass Glitter Phone Case DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

Allow your case to dry and then spray with Krylon Glass Glitter Blast Clear Sealer. This stuff is awesome! It will seal your case and prevent your glitter from flaking off. You don’t want all that glitter on your face every time you use your phone!

Krylon Glitter Blast DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

I used 3 coats of the clear sealer to really seal the case well. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours and then your new case is ready to go. Just snap it on your phone and you’ll have a beautiful, sparkly and unique iPhone case.

German Glass Glitter iPhone Case DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case


Glass Glitter IPhone Case DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case


glittered phone case DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case



Finished Glass Glitter Cases DIY Glass Glitter iPhone Case

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  • Lisa

    Super cute!

  • http://threeloudkids.com/ Stephanie R.

    I LOVE how this turned out! Glitter makes everything more awesome!

  • Shannon LuckyRedHen

    GORGEOUS and so fun! Thanks for the German glitter glass link. I need some vintage glitter!