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Pallet Flag

Just in time for the 4th of July, Lori from You’ve been Framed and I finally made the big pallet flags we have been talking about making forever!

DSC 0505 Pallet Flag

First we split some pallets to get some good rustic wood. Who am I kidding, first John ripped the pallets apart for us so we could have the wood! I wasn’t quite sure of the length so until we started painting I left them full sized.

DSC 042211 Pallet Flag

Next we measured out how wide we wanted our blue section to be and sectioned it off on the top 3 boards. We did ours 13 inches wide.

DSC 042322 Pallet Flag

Then we painted the wood. Red stripe on the top, alternating with white down the boards, and blue in the corner.

DSC 042433 Pallet Flag

DSC 042644 Pallet Flag

Then we cut the boards to the right size, we cut ours to 38 inches. Using her Silhouette, Lori made stars for our blue section. We were so excited to finish them up that we forgot to take pictures of that part! But what we did was pull the center part of the stars out, so we were left with a stencil of 9 stars. We placed that on the blue section and then painted white into the inside of the star stencil.

DSC 055755 Pallet Flag

Next we sanded each of the boards really good to give them the really nice distressed look.

DSC 056066 Pallet Flag

I loved how the boards all sanded a little differently.

DSC 0491 Pallet Flag

Then we sprayed them with a clear polyurethane. I hung mine on my porch. This is the first of many porch projects that I plan on doing this summer. I really want to spruce my porch up!

DSC 0500 Pallet Flag

Lori already has a darling porch and she propped hers up with some of her other cute stuff.

pallet flag 0018 338x575 Pallet Flag

They are super fun for the summer!


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  • Noreen

    Great idea! Now if I could only get some pallets!

  • Carrie Perrins

    Did I miss this part in your post-but how did you get them together to hang?

  • Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper

     WOW, that looks amazing!  I hope you will link up to my Patriotic Project Parade.


  • Becky

    Love this, Lisa! Have an old pallet that is falling apart but I “rescued” it from the burn pile at work. I think I can have this ready in a flash. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Veronica Burns

    How much paint did you guys use on this project?

    • Lisa

      Not more than a couple of the small acrylic craft paint. It goes pretty far.

  • American Flag

    When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left.