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Forgetful Tooth Fairy

The dreaded happened….I woke up yesterday morning to hear my sweet Davis say, “Mom, the tooth fairy forgot to come.” The disappointment in his face – gut wrenching. I consoled him the best I could with tales of how the tooth fairy had too many teeth to get to last night and she probably didn’t get to our part of the world last night. Surely she would start here tonight. It worked pretty well until he came home and told me that his friend (who lives right by us) lost a a tooth yesterday and the tooth fairy came to his house. Dad saved that one with, “well maybe when she was here you were about to wake up and she didn’t want to get caught.” Yes! Good save John! Davis is sure that is what happened since he said he was trying to catch her last night! Phew!

I decided we needed a note from the tooth fairy so I made up a little note, printed it, and sprayed it with glitter.

tooth fairy

Then I rolled it up and tied it together. Our boys always get a toothbrush or floss from the tooth fairy too. I think they look forward to that more than the actual money!

toothfiary 3

You can download the letter yourself! The download includes a second blank frame so if you want to write your own personalized note you can.

forgetful tooth fairy note

forgetful tooth fairy note download

Hopefully the tooth fairy will be a little more diligent tonight!

tooth fairy 2

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  • http://www.notinjersey.com/ Dara

    that exact thing happened to us last week! I told my daughter that I have to call the tooth fairy to tell her to come and that I forgot to call. ooops.

  • Cassie Harding Osborne

    I love this!