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Laundry Room Renovation

I am so excited to share this reveal with you! One thing you need to know about me – laundry is my nemesis. So it does not seem possible but my new favorite room is our laundry room!   Our house had no storage, like none! I set out on a mission to create an overabundance of storage in our house and the first step was in our laundry room!

laundry room 7 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

Here is the before/after.

Untitled 2 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

Somehow it didn’t look that bad in person but when I see the before pictures I cringe!

DSC 1256 381x575 Laundry Room RenovationBut the after – I’m in love!

laundry room 5 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

First, paint! I used Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. I love it. It’s a very light warm grey. I also took out the old cupboards on the wall and the  shelf above the washer. The cabinet unit we added to our wall is 8 feet tall by 5 feet wide. It is huge! Like so huge I could not even get a picture of it because it is so big!


laundry room 20 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

laundry room 22 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

Pam dubbed them my “Costco Cabinets” because they fit all of the things we buy at Costco! They fit so much more than our old ones!

laundry room 17 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

I really wanted a shelf above our washer/dryer too. I was a little frustrated because our plumber put our washer dryer box really high so I had to put the shelf a little higher than I wanted.

laundry room 6 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

It was created by two wood boxes on each side. Then the top piece just slides off if we need to get behind the washer/dryer.

I love my laundry detergent containers but I didn’t want them to scratch up my new wood top.

laundry room 12 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

I cut a circle out of white felt and hot glued it to the bottom of the jars. Now they slide smoothly over the top.

laundry room 1 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

 These old enamelware laundry pails are from our family cabin. My kids and I have all been bathed as babes in them. They remind me of my Grandma Irene and make me happy!

laundry room 2 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

 I set my favorite stain remover (Dawn dishwashing soap and Hydrogen Peroxide) in a little wire basket. My most favorite find though is the little recipe box I turned into a dryer sheet holder!

laundry room 10 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

laundry room 11 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

We have a “cool down” chair that we got from our small towns old elementary school.

laundry room 8 thumb1 Laundry Room Renovation

I also hung our ironing board with some coat hooks Laundry Room Renovation I love. Make sure if you do this that you put them higher than the door so you don’t limit the doors ability to open all the way.

laundry room 3 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

laundry room 9 copy 2 thumb Laundry Room Renovation

I wish we had done this years earlier. Take a look around and you might be amazed at the places you find to add storage. If you can find a small cabinet maker/finished carpenter you might also be surprised at how reasonable it can be to add some custom cabinets. It was well worth our money!

laundry room thumb Laundry Room Renovation


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  • http://lilhuckleberries.com/ Wendy

    I love your wood table over your W/D. It really warms up your space! Great job on the room!

  • Brittany

    what kind of wood did you use? Where did you get it? Thanks (:

    • Lisa

      If you are talking about the wood over the laundry room, its a thin wood facade over mdf. Hope that helps!

  • Hannah

    very nice and clean. we just added shelves to our laundry room.